BrainEscape holds a host of challenging puzzles, chained together in a captivating narrative. A mystery, a game and a story all at once – with you in the lead roles. This is not a classic escape room, and you will not search for stored keys, put together jigsaw puzzles or figure out numbers for combination locks. You will need to use your brain in more than one way.

BrainEscape is a 3th generation escape room that combines a narrative with computer-driven puzzles and lights and sounds in order to create the sensation and atmosphere of being on a discovery in a stranger’s memories, feelings and repressed events. The key to success is not just logical thinking. It is also largely a matter of understanding the person whose brain you are exploring.

Rehearsing hypnotism
Escape room Århus Brain Escape


BrainEscape is an experience best described as a mix between Escape Room, art, game and interactive storytelling. The scenography of the room you enter reflects the reality of the game: a complicated mind out of balance. In the room you will find different objects and sensory effects which represent the memories, thoughts and feelings of the hypnotist. It is your objective to figure out how to make his brain work again by decoding the sensory experiences and by using the different props available.


Book a date and receive your confirmation. We accept groups of 3 to 8 people. On your date, arrive 10 minutes before the game starts.

Our adress is Mejlgade 27, the basement, 8000 Århus C.

You can park in the basement at Navitas located at the water front, 5 minutes from our address, or park at DOKK1 a few minutes further away. It is not possible to park in Mejlgade. At our address, you will need to go through the door in the back yard and down the spiral stairs.

Here you will be met by your host who will give you further instructions. Payment is accepted by Mobile Pay-app or most major credit cards, no cash. Alternatively, you can pay with PayPal during your booking. The price is 240kr per person.

escape room århus Brain Escape