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Escape room Aarhus

Want to try the best escape room in Aarhus? Experience the magic of technological puzzle creativity at BrainEscape. We come out of the theater and roleplaying scene and that is also our running theme in our rooms. They are set in a late Anglo-Victorian world of mysticism where superstition and religion coexisted and merged. Our aim is to create an immersive experience and the feeling of adventure inside the mind of a stranger. To that end we use a strong narrative to tie the puzzles together.

3rd generation escape room

Both our rooms are 3rd generation escape rooms, meaning that all puzzles are connected in a network with a central control system, that runs the puzzles themselves as well as lights, sound and other effects. One of the many advantages of 3rd gen rooms, are the ability to change the difficulty and language settings of the room on the fly. The rooms can also be set to dynamically adapt to the skill level of the players. The goal of any game is to challenge the players to their limit without crossing it. Adaptive difficulty will do that. In time we will also introduce alternative game flows, so players will have different experiences depending on the choices the make (4th gen?).

The replayable escape room

The white whale of escape room design is to create a room that is replayable. Although the technology is certainly available to do that, there are at least two major challenges: first of all You would want the room to change physically at least to some degree, which would require pneumatic systems or motors, thus raising a number of safety issues. Second challenge is to make all game variations interesting and not just more of the same.
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